University Distinguished Professor Deborah L. Feltz - Department of Kinesiology | Sport and Exercise Psychology
Phone: (517)355-4732
Fax: (517)353-2944
Office: 134 Intramural Sports Circle, Michigan State University, MI 48824

Degrees earned:
B.S., S.U.N.Y. at Buffalo, 1974
M.S., The Pennsylvania State University, 1976
Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University, 1980

Research interests:
Self-efficacy in sport and physical activity, especially in youth, women, teams, and coaches. The psychosocial implications of youth sports.
Groups dynamics in health games.

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Current Doctoral Students:

Samuel Forlenza: Forlenza CV
  • Research Interests: Imagery use, cognitive science, exergames
  • Current projects: Health Games: does working out with a partner of a perceived different age or weight influence exercise behavior?

Tshepang Tshube: Tshube CV
  • Research Interests: Athletic identity, government and student support services for Botswana athletes, the psychological effects of athlete injuries, and career transitions of injured athletes
  • Current projects: the use of non-monetary incentives as a motivational tool in sports

Alison Ede: Ede CV
  • Research interests: Efficacy beliefs in group and dyad exercise settings
  • Current projects: Self-efficacy and exercise persistence in health games

Christel Beverly: Beverly CV
  • Research interests: Urban, high school leadership and minority student-athletes; the role of the entourage (i.e., parents, coaches, and spouses) in elite athletes' post-sport transitions
  • Current projects: Investigating leadership in urban high schools to improve student-athlete achievement, understanding the role of the spouse in elite athlete retirement.

Duygu Gurleyik: Gurleyik CV
  • Research interests: Promotion of physical activity
  • Current projects: The effects of a charitable cause on physical activity motivation

Stephen Samendinger: Samendinger CV
  • Research interests: Social influence on exercise behavior
  • Current projects: Exergames with diverse populations
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